Retail gods, solve my problems !


(Image courtesy my co worker who finds the darndest things!) 

Oh screw it. The tires can wait about 2 more weeks. I caved and got a macro lens. I got the Nikon 60mm f/2.8 from Amazon (but I brought it from another seller – Beach Camera so that I did not have to pay the  darn tax on it. Take that you money grubbing statists!) and it should be here soon. If it does make it in before the end of the week I will head out to Desert Botanical Garden and maybe take pics of some of the desert flowers or maybe head on back to the art museum or Musical Instruments Museum if it is too hot this weekend.

Yayy ! Now to go stalk the UPS guy who at this point sadly knows me by name and makes extra trips to make sure I get my parcel ( I called his manager twice and UPS once to tell them how helpful he was and now the guy always goes the extra mile ! Being nice does pay after all…)


(Image at

Between this, my Disobey water canteen  and patches I should be over my mourning period for the job 🙂 See everything happens for a reason, the reason being the planet wanted me to get a new lens and sport my anarcho capitalist ideals in this crony capitalist …I’m going to stop before I go off on a tangent…

Alright I better get back to work!  


All images via google.

Update 1: Lens will be in tomorrow. I love Amazon ! for 3.99 $ more they make sure it comes in the next day ! My water canteen will be in too so yea yea ! Oh and as I hate Adorama I want to point out they would have charged $ 44.20 for next business day shipping, and because I hate you guys so much – f*ck you Adorama.

Update 2: Work is boring, so I decided to read a book. Now that I will get the books, I will become busy at work. Seriously this is how it always is! The last book I read was by F. William Engdahl called Full Spectrum Dominance and I loved it. So time to read something more religious/spiritual –  Satyasangananda Saraswati’s Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra or the Atharvaveda in Sanskrit with English translation.  I also got Gold Wars by Ferdinand Lips in case the other two put me to sleep !

Update 3: When I will the lottery (Come on Powerball!) I am going to do a bunch of yagnas incl the Somayagna . Now wouldn’t that be cool! It really has been a slow day !

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